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Welcome East Limestone Alumni!

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You may have noticed that many improvements are under way at East Limestone High School including our stadium, baseball and softball fields.  With plans for an additional practice area for band, soccer, and other school organizations under way, we are seeking assistance in paying for these planned imporvements.  We are asking for a minimum tax deductible donation of $10.00 from everyone that graduated or will graduate from East Limestone High School.  You may donate in memory or in honor of  family members and friends.

We will list our donors in next year's athletic programs by name and year of graduation, past and future.

Please assist us in continuing to make ELHS a place of which we are proud.  When you send your donation please include full name and year of attendance/graduation and send to:

East Limestone High School c/o Jean Laxson

15641 East Limestone Road, Athens, AL  35613

Respectfully,  Dennis Black, Principal