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East Limestone HIgh School Science Club

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     The East Limestone High School Science Club was founded in 2011. The objective of the Science Club is to raise funds for lab supplies and specimens. Science teachers are not allowed to charge a lab fee, but we are expected to give our students laboratory experiences. Alabama Science in Motion provides many of the supplies we need at no cost to the school, but there are some things that we need which are not provided by ASIM. Therefore, in 2011, one of our East Limestone Seniors, Chelsea Kucejko, and I decided to start a Science Club, with the goels of providing funds to buy much needed lab supplies and also motivating students to maintain a high average in their science classes. Students in Science Club must maintain at least an 85 average at all times. Members are also expected to be on their best behavior at all times.

    During the last 4 years of Science Club's existence, our membership has grown steadily. In 2014, our membership was at 200 members. Our science averages in all science subects have gone up, and during the last administration of the Alabama High School Graduation Exam, we had no failing scores. Students in Science Club are also allowed the opportunity to go on special science related field trips, which are only available to members. Science Club members also assisted Mrs. Daly's Environmental Science classes with our Earth Day Celebration this year. Finally, this year, we implemneted a tutoring program for our Science Club members to help those who are struggling in science to be able to succeed.

    Dues for Science Club are $25. This cost covers the T-shirt, which we wear on Club Days every month and a $5 donation to the lab.