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East Limestone Emergency Action Plan
Posted On:
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Emergency Action Plan
Emergency Action Plan

East Limestone High School

Athletic Department

Emergency Action Plan


Event: _____________________________________

1. Emergency Personnel/Team: 

a. Doctor(s): Not present on Site

b. Athletic Health Care Trainer(s): Encore Trainers

c. Administrator(s): Louis Berry (Principal), Benjamin Campbell (AD), Robbie Lauderdale (Asst.)

d. Coach(es):

Jeff Pugh-Head Football Coach

Nicole Eslick- Head Volleyball Coach

Lindsey Balentine- Head Cross Country Coach

Chad Drake- Head Boys Basketball Coach

Josh Davis- Head Girls Basketball Coach

Brandon Balentine - Head Wrestling Coach

Terri Harris- Head Bowling Coach

Bradley Craig- Head Baseball Coach

Brett Nave- Head Softball Coach

Deshonna Ford- Head Track Coach

Jeremy Mitchell- Head Boys Soccer Coach

Brad Carwile- Head Girls Soccer Coach

e. Athletic Trainer: Steve Davis 

2. Emergency Equipment Checklist:

Athletic Training Kit


First Aid Kit

Spine Board





3. Role of First Responder (Coach, AHCT, Athletic Director, Site Coordinator):

a. Establish that scene is safe and provide immediate care of athlete(s) or victims, i.e.,

    check for electrical wires, fire, pools of water.

b. Activation of Emergency Medical System (EMS) in the following situations or if unsure of

    Medical care needed:

Unconscious athlete(s)

No pulse or circulation

Anaphylactic shock, i.e., allergic reaction to food, drugs, or insect bite

Electrical shock

Head injury with loss of consciousness

Neck injury resulting loss of sensation, strength or range of motion; DO NOT

           MOVE athlete or victims

Suspected fracture; DO NOT MOVE athlete or victims

c. Call 911

Name of site: East Limestone High School—give specific location to 911

Address of site: 16541 East Limestone Road, Athens, AL 35613

Cross streets: East Limestone RD & Capshaw Road

Phone Number of caller: 

Number of people/athlete(s) involved:

Condition of injured:

First Aid treatment rendered:

Specific directions as needed to get to locate the emergency scene: 

Site Coordinator document the time EMS was called:

EMS to Transport via ambulance, air, or car. (Circle one)

EMS transport to hospital

d. Provide appropriate CPR or First Aid:

First Aid Treatment provided by:

e. Notify parent or guardian

Who notified parents/family member: 

f. Notify Administration

Head Coach to notify Athletic Director. i.e., catastrophic injury/illness

Athletic Director to notify Principal. i.e., catastrophic injury/illness

g. Do not talk to the media; refer them to Athletic Directors or Principal

4. Role of Secondary Responder (Site Coordinator, Coach)

a. Retrieval of emergency equipment: Asst. Coaches

b. Open appropriate gates or doors: Coach(es)

c. Designate individual to flag down EMS and direct to scene: Coach(es)

d. Limit scene to First Aid providers and EMS. Move bystanders away from the scene:


5. Role of Coach, AHCT, Athletic Director, Site Coordinator in case of EMS Transport of the Athlete

a. If parents/guardians are not able to accompany the injured athlete (i.e., not on site),

    Head coach or Site Coordinator designates another coach to accompany the athlete.

b. Accompanying coach to update HC on status of the injured athlete.

c. HC to update Athletic Director on status of the injured athlete if necessary.

d. Athletic Director to notify Principal if necessary.

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