Subjects Taught


1999 - Athens State University, BS Education

2005 - University of Alabama Huntsville, MA History





Instructions for accessing the moodle page:


1.   Go to

2.   Click the yellow “m.”  It's on the right.

3.   To log in to moodle, type your first name and middle initial with no spaces.  Then type a period followed by your last name.  For example, John Z. Smith’s log in would look like this.


4.   The password is the same four digits you used to log in when we went to the computer lab.  They are the last four digits of your state ID number.  You can find your state number in I-now.

5.   Once you are in moodle, click on East Limestone High School.

6.   Click on English 7 – Ashley Sprague.  It’s on the second page.

7.   Scroll down to the Digital Citizenship box. 

8.   You may view the videos again.  When you are ready to take the test, click on Digital Citizenship Test and follow the prompts. 

Isn’t this fun??!!